Hillrom™ 900 Accella™ Smart Bed
Discover the Hillrom™ 900 Accella™ Smart Bed, a versatile solution to the challenges of your complex healthcare environment.
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Hillrom™ 900 Accella™ Smart Bed

Simplify Tasks and Enhance Patient Safety and Outcomes.


The Hillrom® 900 Accella™ Smart Bed is a versatile solution to the challenges of your complex healthcare environment. With easy-to-use functionality, the smart bed enhances patient outcomes by simplifying care, streamlining essential tasks and improving both patient and caregiver safety. Maximise the value of your investment and get the features you need to deliver quality care.


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The Hillrom 900 Accella Smart Bed builds off the Hillrom 900 platform with proven reliability benefiting from years of performance in hospitals around the world. Prioritize your patients’ safety and comfort with a suite of functional features. 

Simplify Tasks 

Connectivity – Patient data and bed status are sent directly to the electrical patient record system and to a centralised point within your care setting, minimizing documentation to free up more time to care. 

Easyweigh™ – Measure accurate patient weight with integrated scales and send it directly to your care setting’s electronic patient record system (EPR/EMR). 

Easychair™ – A single button press articulates the bed into a chair position in preparation for further stages of patient mobilisation. 

Bright and Easy-to-Use Graphical Caregiver Interface (GCI) – See straightforward visuals of patient information, such as head-of-bed angle and other caregiver alarms. 

Enhance Patient Safety 

3-Mode Bed Exit Alarm – Be notified when fall risk patients attempt to the leave the safe zone of the bed.  This connected solution can deliver alerts directly to you or to a centralised location.   

Head-of-Bed Angle Alarms – Be notified when the head-of-bed angle has been moved from the required position to avoid patient pulmonary complications. Head-of-bed angle is also visualized at a centralized location within your care setting to increase compliance to protocols. 

CPR – Respond more rapidly to patient complications with Auto CPR, which flattens the back rest and automatically places the bed into a horizontal position. 

Improve Patient Outcomes 

Patient Mobilisation – Utilize Hillrom mobility protocols alongside Accella Smart Bed technology to help reduce further patient complications and shorten hospital stays. 


Makes patient and bed data accurate and actionable. Equipped with Wi-Fi module for greater connectivity.


Simplifies caregiver tasks to free up more time to care.


Works for your care setting, from Medical/Surgical departments to the ICU.

Optional Accella Therapy Surface

I-Mmersion® therapy and Microclimate Management give ultimate skin protection.


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