TS 7500 SensorLine System Table
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TS 7500 SensorLine System Table

Adapt the TS 7500 OR Table to your needs with additional functionality and flexibility.


The way your team delivers care to your patients is unique and the tools you use should complement your style. That’s why we designed the TS 7500 SensorLine System Table with configurable functions and a flexible range of features to meet your needs:


  • Overload protection automatically warns when load exceeds capacity or is not distributed properly
  • Collision monitoring and avoidance
  • Faster adjustment speeds, such as for the emergency Trendelenburg position
  • Extended X-ray range and longitudinal travel
  • Customized tabletop articulations for patient transport on the shuttle within the OR suite
  • Isocentric tilting
  • Extended adjustment areas enable the combination position of 25° tilt with 30° Trendelenburg for optimal laparoscopic surgery positioning
  • Keylock of tabletop functions during long procedures 


The result is an intuitive OR table system that works with your team to streamline procedures and help increase patient safety.


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Configured to Meet Your Needs

Flexible choice of features with the basic package or full version.

Collision Monitoring

Integrated collision recognition and avoidance increase safety.

Overload Protection

Auto warning when load is too heavy or is distributed improperly.

Isocentric Tilting for Carbon FloatLine

Retain isocenter with conventional C-arms and C-arms in a Hybrid OR.

Technical Specifications

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Tilt ± 30°
Longitudinal Slide 18" ± 0.2" (46 cm)
Head side 7" (18 cm)
Foot Side 11" (28 cm)
Adjustment Range of Leg Section Joints + 90° / - 105°
Adjustment Range of Back Section Joints + 90° / - 45°
Net Table Weight 661 lb (300 kg)

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