Overcome the rising challenges in healthcare with our three smart solutions

All of which will improve every aspect of patient care and provide consistent quality and safety across hospitals.


PSS Doctor and a  nurse looking at an Ipad

One standardised platform offering simplicity and reliability.


“I need to source a bed and surfaces with an integrated platform, which is easy to use, safe for patients and will support our caregivers in their day-to-day work“.

Biomedical Engineering


PSS Doctor in ICU

Versatile, better connected solutions, helping you react faster in times of crisis.


“We need digital solutions so we can share patient data quickly. Plus with contact free monitoring it’s safer for us. Our mobile lifts support patient recovery and with better tracking systems we spot vital signs much quicker”

MedSurg Caregiver



Designing ICU’s to help improve patient mobility with digital platforms to provide patient tracking data, supporting fast recovery.

“If we had specifically designed ICU wards with improved digital solutions, it would provide better patient care. It would increase safer patient handling and improve our recovery rates”.

ICU Caregiver